Medical Technology

Never before has medical technology played such an important role, as the global pandemic has significantly increased the demand for medical products and solutions.

For who?

Medical device

S&T’s solutions can help in key areas of healthcare thanks to its embedded wireless technology. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to rapidly drive the transformation of the healthcare market, connectivity, security and data collection are at the forefront of medical advances to significantly improve patient care.


S&T’s leading medical technology

Demand has rapidly increased for ventilators and patient monitoring systems, and S&T Group has been one of the leading suppliers of both products for many years. Sophisticated and reliable equipment is essential for surgical procedures, and the Soloassist II robotic arm from our customer AKTORmed GmbH powered by Kontron, an S&T company, makes it easier than ever for surgeons to work with endoscopes.

Case study

Better insight for surgeons

AKTORmed chose Kontron, an S&T company, to provide motherboard support to the Soloassist II, ensuring its strong functionality while supporting surgeons during minimally invasive procedures.


Soloassist II

Robotic arm from our customer AKTORmed GmbH powered by S&T Group:

  • Reduces stress and risks during minimally invasive surgery, because the surgeon usually uses their own hand.
  • This cutting-edge technology also enables speech recognition, which allows the surgeon to guide the surgical camera without increased risk to the patient.
  • Another example of a practical solution for customers to benefit surgeons all over the world.
Why choose S&T Group?

Medical technology experts

From IoT endpoints to infrastructure systems, S&T ensures a modern, IoT-enabled healthcare system and smart real-time applications that can increase the quality of care and significantly reduce healthcare costs. S&T Group increasingly stands out by manufacturing innovative products geared towards Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Innovative solutions

Developing solutions for innovative and productive workflows in their departments, offering state-of-the-art systems for patient monitoring, ventilation and reliable analytical instruments and laboratory equipment.

Patient diagnostics and medical imaging

Helps physicians diagnose diseases, determine severity, and monitor patients.

Medical therapy systems

Meets the requirements for functionality and safety and offer the reliability, availability, durability and quality that customers are looking for.