Olga Sinenko
EVP Smart Energy

After earning a doctorate in engineering, Olga Sinenko worked for a variety of leading international companies active in the fields of industrial automation, software development and embedded computing. Olga Sinenko followed that up by founding the Russia-based RTSoft, which became part of S&T in 2014. She is chairperson of D2 RNC CIGRE, an international non-profit association for the networking of experts on advanced power systems.

Steve Chen
EVP Asia

Steve Chen has degrees in International business management and accounting. He has more than 15 years of  experience in IT management, particularly in the areas of business strategy, development, restructuring, M&A and finance. He joined Kontron in 2002, and has held a variety of management positions at it and at S&T ever since, with these positions including chairman/CEO of Kontron Asia, of S&T Asia, of Quanmax and of Kontron China.

Robert Courteau
EVP America

Robert Courteau has been with Kontron since 2000. Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he began his career in design and management positions in the aerospace sector, before joining Kontron where he has held various leadership positions in North America. He has managed Kontron’s Communications business since 2013, and is responsible for the US and Canada operations since 2019.

Bernhard Günthner
EVP IoT Software

Bernhard Günthner, Managing Director of Kontron Technologies GmbH, took over the position as VP Smart Factory in October 2019. He has been with Kontron for +10 years and worked a.o. as VP Customer Programs for system solutions in industrial automation and medical. He started his career in software development with a master´s degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Munich.

Jochen Gimple

Jochen Gimple has been with Kontron Electronics since 1997 and has 25 years of experience in the field of embedded electronics. The focus of his career has been in the areas of purchasing, logistics and production. During the 25 years, he worked as a manager in the areas of purchasing, materials management, sales and operations. Since 2015, he has been the managing director of Kontron Electronics.

Andy Mason
VP Avionics

Andy Mason has spent his career of 25+ years in the US Aerospace business. He first worked as a Digital Systems Engineer and then specialized in Real Time Systems development for the Aviation and Defense industry. Since 2010, Mason held management positions at Kontron involving technology, product, engineering and business development. In July 2019, Mason was named EVP of the Global Avionics group. He has degrees in Mathematical Statistics.

Christoph Neumann
VP Technology

Christoph Neumann has been with Kontron for 15 years. After a degree in electric engineering, he worked at Digitec and at the US-headquartered Diamond Multimedia. After that, he switched to Giga Stream, which was acquired by Kontron in 2004. Subsequent to that, he headed Kontron‘s Design Center in Saarbrücken, and held a variety of senior management positions. Among others, as Vice President Engineering, leading Kontron‘s EMEA engineering team.