The ultimate in managed printing

Comprehensive management and optimisation of print and document capture processes are essential components of powerful managed printing concepts. In addition to the printer infrastructure, this covers all processes related to consumables management, maintenance and the creation and capture of documents.

Security-related topics, sustainability aspects, ongoing efficiency improvement, effective cost monitoring and process automation are also taken into account.

The S&T product range extends from multifunctional devices for small businesses to the equipping, operation and maintenance of corporate printer fleets and professional production solutions for in-house print shops with complex finishing processes.

Managed Printing

S&T services

As an independent partner, S&T provides support in selecting the right printing systems while taking functional, economic and ergonomic criteria into consideration. Combined with a comprehensive overview of procurement projects as well as a deep understanding of customer requirements, factors are also identified and taken into account that clients may not even have included in the equation. S&T's devices and solution portfolio not only features numerous manufacturers, but also a wide range of device types and classes, including professional finishing products. 

In addition, S&T also offers the highest level of solution competence in the roll-out of printing systems, the implementation of full management solutions and ongoing operations in terms of maintenance and the supply of consumables.

Printing management systems

... support the implementation of managed printing concepts and offer numerous additional functionalities such as: 

  • Accounting and reporting: powerful controlling with user or departmental cost recording and extensive evaluation options 
  • Follow-me printing and print roaming: Print retrieval from any printer on the site or across sites, data protection - printing only takes place when the user is standing next to the printer - avoidance of unnecessary printing 
  • Rule-based printing: Cost optimisation through automated assignment of printing systems and settings depending on the content of a print job (e.g. prevents colour printing when printing emails) 
  • Authentication and management of identification systems: e.g. MiFare or Legic transponder/card reader for authentication at the printing system 
  • Mobile print (printing from mobile devices) & workflow support 

S&T implements and operates various solutions, including Canon Uniflow, Ricoh Streamline and YSoft SafeQ.

Managed Printing

Location and fleet optimisation

As part of a location and fleet analysis, S&T professionals examine the existing printer infrastructure, print volume and relevant requirements or document-related processes with the aim of identifying potential for optimisation and cost reduction. Asset DB® is a professional software solution that is used at the end of the analysis to jointly develop a concept for purpose-specific and sustainable implementation.

Document and information management

Efficient document management and intelligent information management are challenges that confront almost every organisation. 

Audit-proof archiving, fast provision and rapid exchange of information, process digitalisation from receiving mail and invoices to multi-stage approval procedures and versioning of complex contracts are just some of the requirements that require the use of document management or enterprise content management systems.  

M-Files® as well as other solutions are used by S&T to deliver powerful document and enterprise content management, enabling a significantly more efficient and professional handling of documents.

Dokumenten- und Informationsmanagement

Scan Lösungen

Scan solutions

The use of professional scanning solutions often enables a massive increase in efficiency when processing documents. Paper documents can be processed by a central system in such a way that retrieval using metadata is as straightforward as using a convenient full text search. This makes archiving and further processing much easier.  

A classic example of such a process is handling incoming invoices using a digital inbox. Intelligent software solutions can detect the content of the invoices by means of optical character recognition (OCR), validate them using self-learning databases and then process them fully automatically or forward them to downstream systems.  

S&T provides support with various scanning solutions, in particular by implementing them as middleware with intelligent workflows, ranging from automated zonal reading of information to fully automated capture of complex documents with downstream processing.

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