Industrial Automation

As the demand for digitalisation of business and production processes increases, so does the need for sophisticated and efficient automation. This applies especially at warehouses and production plants, where intelligent machines are essential for daily operations and a secure (real-time) connection is required at all times. S&T Group focuses on the constantly growing market for automation solutions and is also aware of the importance of attaining the level of quality which is crucial for companies today. This is why S&T Group has developed its own end-to-end, "application-ready" Internet of Things (IoT) framework, SUSiEtec. This framework enables customers to create high-quality, customised computing solutions that comply with their diverse work environments and requirements.

SUSiEtec achieves the integration of information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT) by using Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Services. The S&T framework offers a number of advantages here: These include predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, self-optimisation, fleet management and asset tracking. The company's rich portfolio of services and reliable, state-of-the-art embedded technologies can serve IoT and IIoT applications across a wide range of industries. 

As a consequence, customers see reduced total cost of ownership, accelerated time-to-market and product lifecycles, and in many cases, the evolution of new business models.

The fact that the SUSiEtec framework can save costs as well as increase efficiency has been proven by Hauser Cooling, a company that uses the SUSiEtec framework to reduce the rising costs of paper-based documentation of installation processes and improve time management. Through digitalisation and the use of SUSiEtec, two unique applications were developed to support more than 100 employees. These applications not only improved customer satisfaction, but also increased maintenance efficiency by 15%.

S&T's offering ensures that customers have access to cost-effective, durable and fully integrated hardware and software solutions that are reliable and efficient. The S&T Group offers its customers a range of products that enable the control, interaction and connection of machines, data and processes to ensure that customers stay one step ahead of their competitors. S&T thus provides the tools and know-how to enable the smart factories of tomorrow to achieve their full potential.

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