With more than 30 years of experience and as a global leader for in-flight entertainment and passenger communication systems, S&T Group is one of the most trusted players when it comes to providing high-quality IoT services to the commercial aviation industry. The S&T Group offers a wide range of hardware and software in the aviation sector, enabling companies to break through the limitations of traditional product life cycles, for example through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models, achieve greater operational efficiency an open up new sources of revenue.

The solutions delivered by S&T Group include critical system components that provide passengers with in-flight broadband services, including Internet, VPN access, e-mail, multimedia functions, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment services. S&T support many airlines, such as Lufthansa and Easyjet, in providing their end-to-end wireless connectivity. For example, their IFE&C solution allows passengers to use their smartphones, tablets and laptops in-flight to receive streamed content while they are simultaneously connected to other applications.

S&T's wireless connectivity products are driving the future of IoT Connected Aircraft and provide data-driven solutions that go beyond passenger entertainment.

One of the Group's ongoing projects in the airline industry involves modifying the fleet of one of China's largest airlines, which wants to offer in-flight entertainment services, although the aircraft are not yet equipped with infrastructure that supports Wi-Fi. S&T is working together with the customer to upgrade the fleet. The S&T Group works closely with its customers to provide maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) for large-scale Wi-Fi systems as well as the underlying software integration. 

Although the airlines were severely affected by the COVID-19-Pandemic in the financial year 2020, the S&T Group was able to successfully continue some of its deliveries under existing framework agreements and also acquired airlines as new customers, particularly in China.

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