01.07.2013 | Austria

S&T AG: working relationship with G4S in the area of digital video surveillance

S&T: supplies products to G4S for project by a large -sized bank involving international video surveillance

S&T AG has expanded its portfolio of services to include “digital video surveillance”. S&T's working relationship with G4S, the internationally renowned supplier of security solutions, enables it to support clients' introduction and operation of digital video surveillance solutions. Its operations in this new field of business include the implementation of automation processes associated with these activities. The launching of the working relationship was kicked off by the securing of several projects – including an international large-sized one in the banking area.

S&T AG'S working relationship with G4S enables the former to offer services involving digital video surveillance. G4S is an internationally renowned service provider. It has a comprehensive, range of expertise – accumulated throughout the years of operating in the security area. The services supported by S&T are structured modularly. These services comprise the procurement and delivery of hardware and rendering of support and system monitoring. S&T is able to offer a full range of services in 19 central and eastern European countries.

International video-based surveillance project for large-sized bank

IThe first joint international project involves G4S' equipping during the years to come some 1,000 facilities of Austria's Erste Group with a network-based video surveillance system. S&T's role's are to provide G4S with the server hardware and to serve as a systems consultant. The equipment installed will record on a 24/7 basis photographs of the areas being watched. These images can be simply and quickly retrieved whenever needed. The system is characterized by a great degree of scalability and flexibility. The excellent, HDTV image quality and a very high degree of IT security are the characteristics of the solution.

Digital technology-enabled high-resolution photographs and automatization

The deployment of digital surveillance systems offers a great number and variety of advantages for the operator. These include lower procurement and operating costs – achieved through the employment of non-proprietary hardware – plus especially easy extendibility of the systems, and simply and cost-efficient hook ups to analogue legacy solutions. Advanced, network-based cameras also offer the advantage of high-resolution image quality. This enables a greater utilization of photographs and an efficient employment of equipment. A single high-resolution 5 megapixel camera can replace up to 12 analogue cameras with PAL resolution. The new technology opens up countless possibilities of automation. These include the automatic recognition of license plates, the counting of visitors, the reading of barcodes, the identification of objects not collected by their owners, and transactions-dependent saving of photographs in check-outs, at ATMs and at other areas.

S&T AG (ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, SANT - formerly Quanmax AG) is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It employees 1,500 persons. They work in offices located in 19 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries. S&T is one of the three largest suppliers of IT solutions in that region. Its full range of IT systems are especially in demand in Eastern Europe. S&T's operating assets are its broad range of products and services, many of them featuring proprietary technologies, and its region-wide network of provision in the CEE region. A record quarter enabled S&T to register some Euro 340 million in revenues in the past financial year. The systematic expansion of proprietary technologies-based transactions serving vertical markets is primarily being undertaken to yield a rise in earnings outpacing that of sales.