Supplier of systems featuring proprietary technologies

As one of the most renowned suppliers of IT solutions and Industry 4.0 and IoT technology S&T AG is with around 3,700 employees one of the industry leaders in these segments.

The TECDax listed public company offers a large portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies, professional services and first-class IT products.

  • S&T AG increases forecast of EBITDA for 2017

    S&T AG increases forecast of EBITDA for 2017

    The Executive Board of S&T AG increase its forecast for EBITDA for financial year 2017 as a whole from more than EUR 50 million to EUR 60 million.

  • S&T: a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider

    S&T: a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider

    S&T is a provider of cloud integration services. Its especially large portfolio comprises the Microsoft Azure/Office 365 environment. For some time, S&T has also been a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider. This enables services involving the Microsoft Cloud environment to be directly procured from S&T.

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    Latest Analytics

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Case Studies
  • Managed printing for TGW

    Managed printing for TGW

    To help it operate successfully on an international scale, the Welser TGW Group relies on the top and state-of-technology managed printing services provided by S&T. They ensure the utmost efficiency of output management - and feature the latest technological advances.

  • POS maintenance for Bellaflora

    POS maintenance for Bellaflora

    Bellaflora is number 1 in Austria for plants. Thanks to S&T, the company needed only four hours to get its POS infrastructure all throughout Austria up and running and working perfectly.

  • SAP solution for agricultural procedures

    SAP solution for agricultural procedures

    Agrostroj Pelhřimov a.s. is a leading manufacturer of agricultural devices that has 1,400 employees. It relies on a SAP solution to optimize and automate its logistics procedures that was implemented by S&T.