Supplier of systems featuring proprietary technologies

As one of the most renowned suppliers of IT solutions, S&T AG is with around 1,500 employees one of the industry leaders in Central and Eastern Europe.

The listed company offers a large portfolio of innovative proprietary technologies, professional services and first-class IT products.

  • Targets for 2014 exeeded!

    Targets for 2014 exeeded!

    Annual report 2014: EUR 385.5 million revenues (+14%) – EUR 14.0 million consolidated income (+17%) – operative cash flow nearly doubled to EUR 20.6 million. High backlog sets course for strong growth in 2015!
  • S&T AG enters smart energy sector

    S&T AG enters smart energy sector

    S&T AG is expanding its portfolio to solutions for the sector "Smart Energy" and enters with the acquired ubitronix GmbH in a growth market with enormous potential for the future.

  • Latest Analytics

    Latest Analytics

    Hauck & Aufhäuser
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    Kepler Cheuvreux
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Case Studies
  • Software platform for ÖBB

    Software platform for ÖBB

    A software platform from S&T ensures the 4,500 locomotive driversworking for Austria's Federal Rail Corporation of being supplied - compeltely electronically - with up-to-date schedules and with mission-critical information on areas of slow travel and construction sites.

  • Electronic POS system solution for SPAR

    Electronic POS system solution for SPAR

    S&T ensures that the electronic POS (point-of-sale) systems in the some 800 SPAR supermarkets in Austria are highly available and well-maintained.

  • SAP solution for agricultural procedures

    SAP solution for agricultural procedures

    Agrostroj Pelhřimov a.s. is a leading manufacturer of agricultural devices that has 1,400 employees. It relies on a SAP solution to optimize and automate its logistics procedures that was implemented by S&T.